Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good bye Virus

I found this program in thai website i couldn't remeber. First time i when i used this to remove virus, malware, spyware, i was afraid that this program will delete all files and folders but it didn't.

This removes all viruses such as

Explorer.exe which is fake one
nvsvc32.exe disturbs nvidia's driver
spoolsv.exe makes cpu runs 100%

How To use??

1. Simply download frm here.
2. Run in Safe mode, Close all system restores.
3. Run combofix.exe

After that computer restars automatically then go to your normal windows.
Don't do anything untill combofix will show LogReport.

Note: U can also run in normal windows mode, but said to run in safemode coz in safe mode all services are stopped which is not related to windows i.e. all viruses doesn't works.

Pic when Combo fix is runnin

From my experience when solving problem of friends computer 95% of viruses are frm handy drive/pen drive/flash drive. These makes out ram run slow also removes folder option, disable task manager, disable regedit, msconfig, hide folders etc.

Hope this will help you a lot 100%.



  1. thanx for this i've done for 2 tyms for my friends and it worked very good. really thanx