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Monday, April 26, 2010 brings Office document sharing to Facebook

Facebook and Microsoft have teamed up on a new online document-sharing service that will seamlessly integrate with the popular social networking site. Dubbed, the beta site allows users to log in with their Facebook credentials, create Office documents -- Word, Excel and Powerpoint files -- and add friends as either viewers or document editors. New documents will show up in a user's news feed, just like status updates or pictures.

The service is based on Microsoft's upcoming Office 2010 Web Apps suite and tapping into Facebook's large user base might get it off to a good start in the inevitable competition with Google Docs. The question is if collaborating on documents is an activity Facebook users are interested in -- you know the site's not particularly known for boosting productivity at work, right?

Microsoft Office 2010 RTM ready for download

About a week after Office 2010 went gold, Technet and MSDN subscribers are now able to download Office 2010 Professional Plus in ISO format for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. For those of you who would rather avoid the notoriously slow download speeds of MSDN and choose to utilize less official channels, the SHA checksum is: 0E1840BF1AA81077692AF651BEFB75648CD9FAA7. Microsoft has also made available Sharepoint 2010, which is a complimentary enterprise solution for Office collaboration.

Office 2010 aims to bring a more socially-aware and polished experience to the industry-standard office suite. Some of the new features include live collaboration which supports multiple users editing documents simultaneously, integrated video and image editing tools in PowerPoint, the ability to export virtually any document to a web browser, inherent ODF support for Open Office documents and a cleaner, more consistent ribbon bar experience across all Office applications.

Two days ago, Microsoft also went live with its free, cloud-based companion to Office 2010 -- It seems to be a slick competitor to Google Docs has been released under the “beta” label. Interestingly, only Facebook users are allowed exclusive access and there isn’t word on a definite release date for the rest of the world.

If you are not an MSDN or Technet subscriber, you will have to wait until Office 2010 hits store shelves. Retail pricing should be $149 for Home & Student, $279 for Home & Business and $499 for Professional. As an added incentive to buy Office now, those who choose to buy Office 2007 in the meantime will be able to upgrade to 2010 for free.

Source: Techspot

Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

There are many things everybody can learn from girls, including designers. Whenever we see girls the things we first notice about them is how well she is dressed & how particular they are about in whatever they do. This led me to a thought that what it takes making these girls so perfect & being a designer myself how can I learn things from girls & implement them in my design.

So I had chat with some girls from which I came to know following points that designer can always follow & learn from girls.

1. Time Management

Photo By Chris Gilbert

In comparison to guys, gals are very scheduled in everything they do, they have fix time for various task they perform whole day. Designer can learn time management from girls as whenever designer get involved in any project they don’t track time and end up giving more time than usual in their work, which make them less efficient & unproductive. On other hand girls plan their day in advance, they have their own to-do list which they follow very strictly.Many designer face similar problem of spending huge amount of time on recreational web surfing as searching for inspiration for their work, they should limit this time & should remain focus with their work rather than getting distracted.

2. Experimentation


Photo By Redeemer University

Girls are always experimenting with their look, closet, hair & many other things. In one way or the other they try out things in different ways. By experimenting they keep themselves look fabulous always. Lady Gaga is a good example of getting success with experimenting different looks. In the same way designers also need to experiment with their design rather than just sticking with same methods. Experimentation is very important as people are now open to new ideas & concepts.

3. Color Theory


Photo By Katie scrapbook lady

Girls are particular about their clothes, make-up, accessories, shoes, etc. When you see a girl perfectly dressed, you can easily notice different colors they are wearing, being a designer you can easily find out that they are really good at color combination & patterns. They perfectly wear different colors all around them & carry them off with style. So as a designer you can always look upon girls for inspiration, where you will get lots of idea about color schemes, color palettes & patterns, which you can implement in your next design project.

4. Socializing

Photo By Sagar Patil

Girls easily adjust themselves in new environment, it’s all because they are very talkative in nature & are great social animals. As they make new friends easily & quickly, it all start with a “hi” which ends up creating friends. In design community socializing is really important & designer can always learn a thing or two from girls about socializing.

5. Organization

Photo By David Reber

If you have seen a girls wardrobe you would definitely understand what I mean by learning organization from girls. There are tonnes of things in their room like 100’s of handbags, 1000s of shoes & the list never ends. But whenever they want anything they have quick access to it without loosing anytime. In the same way designer always have huge digital data in their computer which needs to be organized all the time.

6. Bargaining

Photo By Rave Master

Bargaining does not always involve money, but its a kind of negotiation. Girls are really good at negotiating in every kind of situations like shopping, winning in conversation with guys, etc. On other hand designer can use this technique of bargaining with their clients or boss about their design where they can save lots of effort without compromising on creativity.

7. Creativity

Photo By Raja R

I am not wrong if I say Girls are most creative creature on the planet, most of the people will agree with this. Girls don’t like things to be simple they always want something to be added & do things different so they can get noticed. Even designers need to be creative with their work, which will give them an edge over others that will give them a good recognition.

Whenever as a designer you feel low on inspiration & ideas I suggest have a good look at girls & ask them for suggestion, you will definitely get lots of good ideas that will help you get a boost in your creativity.

Please Comment & Share your thoughts.

Thumbnail Photo By Harthill South

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

15 Colc Of Webs 2 Have Fun with Photos

Getting a little bored how your photos are presented online? How about injecting some fun and humor into it. You don’t really need to be Photoshop literate to edit and add effects into your photos. There’re some really great sites out there that allows you to add effects to your photo by using their existing effect-templates.
The best part is – most of them are free and output is shown immediately on the fly. Here’s a collection of 25 Sites To Have Fun With Your Photoswe’ve come to know. You know they don’t really have to be your photos :-)

One of the hottest site with tons of creative backgrounds to play around with. Now comes in 9 different languages.

Fun Photo Box
If you don’t get what you want from PhotoFunia, you reallly need to check out this site.

Create a photo mosaic of your choice for free online.

Choose a photo for the left and right side and start mixing their hairs up.

We’d say, with Photo505, Photofunia and Fun Photo Box, you’ll be buzy for days.

Yearbook Yourself
Turn your face photo into yearbook alike black & white old school photo. The service is paused and will be back this Summer.

Make funny photos by embedding your face from the photo to the various templates.

Create different fake magazine covers from your photos.

Give your digital creations a whole lot of character with BeFunky Goodies. Add speech bubbles, frames and different shapes to your creations for a more funky, more creative image.

Convert Photo to Sketch

The EFFECT LIST section makes possible to imagin yourself on billbords, on newspapers, on "wanted" posters like it was in "wild wild west", on 100 dollars bill, on the posters with famous celebrities and any any other awesome effects.
The MAGAZINES LIST section will make your dreams come true seeing your photoes on the cover of world famous magazines such as Playboy, CosmoGirl, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, GQ, Vogue and ect.
The FRAMES LIST section includes some simple frames with flowers and anaimals and many theme frames (weddings,saint Valentines day, signs of the zodiac and so on.)


Lots of ways for you to customize your photos and express them wherever you want.


Create HDR
One of the simplest way to create HDR photos online.


Letter James
Letter James has nothing to do with photo effects, but instead you allows you to blend texts and words of your choice into their existing templates.

My Heritage
Making use of their face recognition technology, this site offers several fun effects you can play with your photos. Included are Celebrity Morph, Look-alike Meter, Celebrity Collage and Tag Photos.

Allows you to upload any photo and create "old photo", "wanted" and "puzzle" effects out of it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good bye Virus

I found this program in thai website i couldn't remeber. First time i when i used this to remove virus, malware, spyware, i was afraid that this program will delete all files and folders but it didn't.

This removes all viruses such as

Explorer.exe which is fake one
nvsvc32.exe disturbs nvidia's driver
spoolsv.exe makes cpu runs 100%

How To use??

1. Simply download frm here.
2. Run in Safe mode, Close all system restores.
3. Run combofix.exe

After that computer restars automatically then go to your normal windows.
Don't do anything untill combofix will show LogReport.

Note: U can also run in normal windows mode, but said to run in safemode coz in safe mode all services are stopped which is not related to windows i.e. all viruses doesn't works.

Pic when Combo fix is runnin

From my experience when solving problem of friends computer 95% of viruses are frm handy drive/pen drive/flash drive. These makes out ram run slow also removes folder option, disable task manager, disable regedit, msconfig, hide folders etc.

Hope this will help you a lot 100%.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Windows 8 to be Release July, 2011 … a Rumor?

I saw a documentary about Roswell, the place in New Mexico, USA that was supposed to be the place where an alien space craft went down. It supposedly was recovered by the US Air Force and had alien bodies among the wreckage. 60 years later, I smile when I hear how some people regardless of evidence or lack there of continue to believe wild stories about that event. The rumors persist…right?

Well, there are rumors about Windows8. Think of it. First of all, can MicroSoft really pull off selling a new operating system to have consumers buy this close to Windows 7, especially with the critical and commercial success of Windows7? If it had bombed, sure the public would be clamoring for a new one. But that is not the case.

Second, what can you expect from Windows8? To want people to buy the OS, it has to be radically different, otherwise, it will be considered a service pack to Windows7. The 128 bit rumor is around, but to make it really work as a 128 bit OS, then there have to be major rewrites of a lot of supporting software and hardware; otherwise, what’s the point? If the applications can not take advantage of the CPU to perform faster, it will be for nought.

Third, hardware technology must already be available to be incorporated into the next OS otherwise the time frame would be longer, maybe 2012, or even 2013. The technology may already have existed when Windows7 was being built, but was put off to wait for other hardware makers to design hardware around.

Fourth, the Windows8 kernel must be redesigned. If it’s just an extension of the Vista/Windows7 kernel, again what’s the point? Microsoft and their R&D team must be looking at what the next generation must be like, but with the emphasis on new technology.

So having said that about rumors, when will Microsoft release Windows8? From a spreadsheet designed by a Microsoft employee, the timeline is around July 1, 2011. That is a mere 17 months away. Here is a copy of the spreadsheet with the timeline not just for Windows8, but for other MicroSoft products.

So here is the latest rumor. The spreadsheet picks the date of July, 2011 as the release date. What makes this spreadsheet is the supposed origin: a Microsoft employee; furthermore, it has been accurate in the pastfor the software timeline. Take it with a grain of salt; but the rumors may be true.

Source: TechSpot